The Sixth Annual Concert of Las Américas en Concierto (LAEC) took place in Philadelphia!!

Boyer College of Music in collaboration with Las Americas en Concierto

Sunday, September, 23, 2018 at 3pm
Rock Hall, Temple University, Philadelphia

Thanks to everyone that joined us to hear music from Canada, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, and the United States.

Tres Piezas Breves was performed by the pianist Charles Abramovic in collaboration with Las Américas en Concierto. The concert took place at Rock Hall, Boyer College of Music and Dance Temple University, Philadelphia, September 23, 2018. Tres Piezas Breves for piano was written for Charles Abramovic. They were composed between 1990 and 1997.
Luis A. Calvo was born in Gambita, a very small town in the mountains of the province of Santander del Sur in Colombia, in 1882. He died in Agua de Dios, Cundinamarca in 1945. From an early age, he showed an inclination toward music.


Las Américas en Concierto is a series of concerts that showcase the music of South, Central, and North America. The purpose of the series is to create bridges of cultural communication through music and bring to established and new audiences music that is rarely heard or known.

Patricia Zarate Squared Off, 2007

Patricia Zarate
Squared Off, 2007

Alba Potes, Artistic Director and Founder

Felipe Nieto, Assistant Director

David Diehl, Advertising Director


Advisory Board

Natalia van Hissenhoven
Lynn Truncale
Joseph Ruscitto
Ken Diehl                                                                                                                                                                        William Anderson                                                                                                                                                                Emil Awad                                                                                                                                                                          Frank Brickle



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