Vox n Plux and friends

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

8:00 PM  9:30 PM

Saint Luke in the Fields

Vox n Plux

Elizabeth FarnumSopranoOren FaderGuitarBill AndersonGuitar and Plucked Instruments

Guest Performers

Stephanie GriffinViola; Matthew GreenbaumRecorder


Text setting of poems by León de Greiff, Charles Ives, Augusta Ives, Thomas Moore, and Kirsten Anderson. Songs based on Afro-Brazilian texts.

Bill Anderson (USA), Afterlight (2006) - for soprano and guitar. World premiere

Felipe Nieto (Colombia), Tergiversaciones (2017) - for voice and two guitars. World premiere

Natalia van Hissenhoven (Argentina), Río (2017) - for two guitars. World premiere

Charles Ives (1874 - 1954) (USA), Cradle Song (1923) - for guitar and mandolin and, Those Evening Bells (1903-rev.1907) - for voice, guitar and mandolin. Arranged by Bill Anderson 

Jayme Ovalle, (1894 - 1955) (Brazil), Tres Ponto de Santo, Op. 20, No. 2. - Transcribed and arranged for guitar and voice by Laurindo Almeida

Liam Kaplan (USA), Intermezzo - for solo guitar, World premiere

Frank Brickle (Canada), Bardariol, BarbariolBabarian - for tiple and guitar. USA premiere

Alba Potes (Colombia-USA), Horizontes, Cantos de Cuna para Todos- for soprano, tiple and guitar - World premiere

Stephanie Griffin (1973) (Canada), Un cygne des temps - for solo viola (2016) - World premiere

Jeff Nichols (1957) (USA), Asides on the Theorbo - for viola, theorbo, recorder - World premiere

Graciela Paraskevaídis (1940 - 2017) (Argentina/Uruguay),  El Nervio de Arnold - for solo guitar

Gentil Montaña (1942 - 2011) (Colombia), Canción del soñador, pasillo - for guitar and tiple. Transcription by Bill Anderson

Amelia Krinke (USA), Duo for Cream and Sugar - for guitar duo