Mannes College of Music, Concert Hall, New York
February 11, 2012, 8:00 PM

Music for Soprano and Piano
Angelique Zuluaga, soprano
José Alejandro Roca, piano

Soprano ANGELIQUE ZULUAGA opens the season with a selection of a capella and accompanied songs. Ms. Zuluaga has performed early music, oratorio, chamber and contemporary music throughout the United States and South America. She can be found frequently collaborating with composers in new works.

Music by Diana Arizmendi (Venezuela), Germán Cáceres (El Salvador), Manena Contreras (Venezuela), Robert Cuckson (Los Estados Unidos), Luis Carlos Figueroa (Colombia), Mario Gomez Vigñez (Chile), Jonie Green (USA), Julie Harting (USA), Natalia van Hissenhoven Lapacó (Colombia), Ursula Mamlok (USA), Andrés Posada (Colombia), Germán Toro-Perez (Colombia), Antonio María Valencia (Colombia), Sebastian Zubieta (Argentina)